VACUUBRAND® Biochem-VacuuCenter (BVC) Liquid Aspiration Systems

July 14, 2017 - "Press Releases"

VACUUBRAND Fluid Aspiration Systems

Fluid Aspiration Systems

For safe, isolated handling of sensitive liquids in biosafety cabinets


VACUUBRAND Fluid Aspiration SystemsThe VACUUBRAND BVC liquid aspiration system offers a flexible, integrated solution for safe, sensitive, and efficient aspiration of supernatants from multi-well plates, cell culture flasks, and Petri dishes. The compact BVC units are convenient for cell culture work and many other applications in the laboratory, such as vacuum filtration or solid phase extraction. All this while providing process isolation from intra and inter-laboratory operations.

BVC units combine high functionality, reliability and economy. Every detail of the new equipment is intended to ensure safety and convenience for those working with sensitive or hazardous liquids in the laboratory.


BVC Basic models (BVC basic and BVC basic G) are designed for use with existing vacuum supplies, such as VACUU-LAN® networks, individual diaphragm pumps and house vacuum systems. They include a mechanical regulator to control vacuum supply to provide sufficient suction for aspiration or filtration, without evaporating the collected fluid.


The BVC Control and BVC control G models add a chemical-resistant vacuum pump, an adjustable pressure switch and a touch panel for easy control. The powerful, corrosion-resistant diaphragm pump allows parallel work by two users, or simultaneous aspiration and filtration operations. The suction power is precisely adjustable via a touch panel, and the whisper-quiet pump responds automatically to demand, without need for continuous pumping or foot-pedal control.


BVC Professional (PRO) and BVC professional G models add a contact free level sensor which shuts off the vacuum pump to prevent overfilling of the bottles, while preserving enough volume for the “disinfectant routine,” which draws disinfectant through the suction tubing and peripheral attachments before shut-down. Self-closing quick couplings (optional on the BVC Professional G) offer quick, safe and convenient bottle changes.


VACUUBRAND Fluid Aspiration Systems
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