VAC-U-MAX Introduces New Continuous Duty Industrial Vacuum Cleaner Model 1050 Doubles the Suction Power and Vacuums up to 10000 lbs per hr of Heavy and Abrasive Materials including Steel Shot, Grit, Foundry Sand and Cement

September 13, 2019 - "New Product Release"

BELLEVILLE, NJ USA (September 10, 2019) – VAC-U-MAX celebrates its 65-year anniversary by expanding the industrial vacuum cleaning product range with the new Model 1050, a continuous-duty industrial vacuum cleaning system designed to vacuum high-density materials such as steel shot, grit, cement, foundry sand and other similar materials. The Model 1050 vacuums up to 10,000 lbs (4,500 kg) per hour of materials such as Portland cement from distances up to 30 feet (9m) away. System is designed for high volume recovery at local pick-up point areas such as debris under conveyor belts or in bucket elevator pits, as well as a “breakaway” central system for long-distance cleaning via piping networks for applications including cleaning mezzanines and hard-to-reach areas. 

The heart of the Model 1050 is a positive-displacement rotary-lobe vacuum pump which is unlike any centrifugal vacuum producer. The vacuum pump provides 50% more vacuum power with airflow that never diminishes for quick recovery of material from large piles and over long distances. Versatility of the Model 1050 allows use as a central vacuum system when connected and disconnected from permanent tubing networks or it can be operated as a portable vacuum cleaner. The Model 1050 is easily rolled to any location including tight areas and uneven surfaces. System features large 14” diameter (350mm) front wheels and 8” (150mm) dual swivel casters at the rear for ease of mobility. For longer distance transportation the Model 1050 features built-in forklift pockets.

The Model 1050 has a unique filter cleaning system that simultaneously vents the vacuum producer to the atmosphere providing 100% blow-back air for maximum filter cleaning. The high-efficiency static-conductive PTFE primary filter is 250% larger and less susceptible to filter binding, rated 99.9% efficient @ 1 micron with 50 square feet of surface area. System does not need to be shut down in order to actuate the unique filter cleaning system. A DOP-tested secondary HEPA filter rated 99.97% @ 0.3 micron protects the vacuum producer from contamination and ensures breathable exhaust air. The Model 1050 does not require compressed air for filter cleaning.

Material is collected in the interchangeable 40-Gallon (151.4 liter) collection drum which features 4-inch diameter (100 mm) wheels. Many debris handling options are available including 55-Gallon drums when used with a material intercept which is ideal for limited-space applications. For larger volumes of debris and extended vacuuming time, VAC-U-MAX offers a forkliftable 2-cubic yard bottom-discharge dump hopper. The heavy-duty reinforced bottom dump hopper has controlled debris discharge with 40% larger discharge opening compared to self-dumping hoppers.

The Model 1050 features a 15HP TEFC motor or XP motor and is available to operate any 3-phase voltage worldwide. A NEMA 4 starter is standard with a NEMA 3/12 control panel available as an option. Depending on application and airflow requirements, two models are available: MDL1050-15-A for maximum airflow of 380 ACFM@12” HG (162” H2O) or the MDL1050-15-B with maximum airflow of 240 AFCM@12” HG (162” H20).  

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Image 1- Model 1050 in application with VAC-U-MAX Two-Yard, Bottom-Dump, Self-Dumping Hopper

Image 2 – Model 1050 ideal for local pick-up or can be used as “break-away” central system for long-distance cleaning via piping networks for applications including cleaning mezzanines and hard-to-reach areas.


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