ROSS Custom PDM-10 with Additional Disperser

May 30, 2018 - "Press Releases"




Combining high speed dispersion with planetary stirring action, the ROSS PowerMix Model PDM-10 offers the advantage of imparting high shear to tough-to-mix applications with low flowability. Pictured are two PowerMix machines with interchangeable mix vessels. Beyond a traditional kneading action, the mixing mechanism of this proprietary planetary design is ideal for heavy pastes and slurry-like applications involving a considerable amount of powders that need to be wetted out and dispersed uniformly.

These 10-gallon models feature an additional sawtooth blade on each disperser shaft, doubling the shear input capacity of the mixer. Also shown is a rectangular stirrer which orbits the vessel, effectively exposing the entire batch contents to the shearing action of the dispersers. For more viscous applications prone to climbing up the stirrer, patented High Viscosity (“HV”) blades are available and offer a helical curvature which pushes product forward and downward. Fully automated PLC recipe controls and data acquisition systems are available for optimal mixing results.


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