Bergen secondary processes offer better-engineered cable solutions

September 22, 2022 - "Capabilities "

For 80 years and counting, Bergen Cable has remained a major wire-rope cable supplier with an unparalleled range of products. A key benefit of working with this company is its capabilities coupled with various secondary production processes. Bergen provides pull testing, crimping, and more with its vast collection of specialized equipment and materials.

Customers have come to expect the best solutions available, with the height of quality, from these advanced, value-added operations.

A well-trained, highly skilled team

Bergen Management recognizes the value of a stable veteran operations team. The average tenure at Bergen Cable is over twenty years. By blending a well-trained, highly skilled team with specialized machinery, Bergen can process raw metals and plastics into better products, with such malleable materials as stainless steel, alloy steel, aluminum, brass, nylon, Teflon, and PVC. Bergen leverages the following nine types of secondary production processes:

  • Rotary swaging. Affixing end fittings to a cable or wire rope with a rotary hammer cold forming process. Rotary swaging provides tight tolerance, fine surface finishing, and higher breaking strength for cylindrical end fittings.
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic crimping. With hydraulic and pneumatic presses, it is possible to crimp end fittings. Examples are threaded studs, oval sleeves, stop sleeves, button stops, plain balls, and eyelets.
  • Part marking. Parts are marked for identification with electromechanical etching, hot stamping, metal stamping, heat shrink markers, and laser marking.
  • Precision machining. The Bergen in-house machining department provides the ability to conduct quick turnaround prototyping and engineer components for unique or challenging use cases.
  • Fused cut cable. Bergen can cut cable electrically, cleanly, quickly, and according to specific lengths with multiple freestanding tabletop Ewald flash cutters.
  • Coated cable stripping. Bergen can strip coated cable or wire rope up to 3/8 inch in diameter with custom-made stripping equipment. This gives proper holding strength to assemblies.
  • Custom packaging. Military-specification packaging for specific requirements.
  • Processing and finishing. Bergen conducts plating, heat-treating, and testing in collaboration with partnering organizations.
  • Pull testing. The company performs pull testing on cable assemblies with a breaking strength of up to 22,500 pounds with its United testers and customized digital proof loaders.



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