VAC-U-MAX Exhibits Pneumatic Conveying Systems for Batch & Continuous Processing, and Dust Collection & Cleaning Solutions for Powders and Combustible Dusts at IBIE 2016, October 8-11, Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, NV, Booth 3314

September 20, 2016 - "Press Releases"

VAC-U-MAX Exhibits Conveying Systems at IBIE 2016

VAC-U-MAX announces exhibition at IBIE 2016, October 8-11, Las Vegas, Nevada, Booth 3314, exhibiting the latest advances in food processing automation solutions for bulk-ingredient transfer. VAC-U-MAX food-ingredient handling systems convey over 10,000 various powders, flakes, flavorings, extracts, additives, granular materials, nuts, extruded foods, and other dry food ingredients from receipt-to-process, or to packaging lines. A leader in bulk material transfer, VAC-U-MAX systems are custom engineered for the application, incorporating expertise in vacuum pneumatic conveying, multi-ingredient handling, aeromechanical conveying, flexible screw conveying, bulk bag loading / unloading and batch weighing. Experts in handling combustible dusts, VAC-U-MAX will exhibit NFPA-compliant continuous-duty industrial vacuum cleaning equipment for fine powders and combustible dusts, featuring continuous-bagging options for elimination of fugitive dust clouds and operator exposure to dusts.

Equipment on display includes:

Pneumatic Conveying of Major, Minor and Micro Food Ingredients from Drums, Totes, Bags, Super sacks, IBC’s

Designed to convey a multitude of bulk ingredients, VAC-U-MAX systems offer continuous conveying for many applications within the food industry, including hopper loading, feeder refill, blender / mixer loading, batch weighing, or any application that requires a high level sanitary design, frequent cleaning, or material-from-air separation. All VAC-U-MAX components function as a single system for continuous operation, increasing productivity, cost savings, plant operation efficiency, throughput, end-product quality, and process safety. VAC-U-MAX sanitary receivers are constructed from 316L Stainless Steel and USDA accepted, with convey rates ranging from 500 pounds (227 kg) per hour to 5,000 pounds (2,268 kg) per hour and beyond, providing dust-free operation for batch and continuous processing.

Batch Weighing Systems: Scale Hoppers, Gain-in-Weight (GIW), Loss-in-Weight (LIW) Batching

Whether delivering a single-ingredient to multiple destinations within bakery processing operations, or multiple Ingredients to a single destination, VAC-U-MAX systems deliver product to the batching station, dispensing ingredients based on precise preprogrammed formulations. VAC-U-MAX systems weigh ingredients at the pick-up-point for loss-in-weight transfer, or at the end for gain-in-weight transfer. For applications requiring batch weighing with scale hoppers suspended on load cells, ingredients are received, with material remaining in the scale hopper until the precise weight or combination of ingredients is achieved. Once achieved, discharge valve opens and material is discharged to the process below.

NFPA-Compliant Industrial Vacuum Cleaning Systems for Dust Explosion Prevention

VAC-U-MAX product line includes a full range of portable and central industrial vacuum cleaning systems, engineered for specific applications that address issues like worker exposure to dusts, chemical compatibility, flammability, and combustibility. An expert at combustible dust handling, VAC-U-MAX industrial vacuum cleaning systems are available for a wide range of applications. Models on display include:

·         Model 850: Continuous-Bagging Vacuum Cleaning System for Fine Powders

VAC-U-MAX Exhibits Conveying Systems at IBIE 2016

VAC-U-MAX Model 850 Industrial Vacuum Cleaner is designed to reduce operator exposure to fine powders and dusts, improving material handling of dusty debris. This continuous-duty vacuum is equipped with a continuous bagging system that eliminates dumping of a drum or rigid collection container. Closed bags prevent dust clouds, with unit containing a unique filter cleaning system that eliminates the need for compressed air and solenoid controls.

·         Model 40012: Air-Powered Vacuum Cleaner for Fine Powders

VAC-U-MAX Exhibits Conveying Systems at IBIE 2016

VAC-U-MAX Model 40012 features pulse-jet filter cleaning system for Class II, Division 2 environments. The 55-gallon air-powered unit is completely grounded and bonded, meeting NFPA 70 requirements. VAC-U-MAX air-powered vacuums do not use electricity and do not generate heat, meeting the definition of an “intrinsically safe system”.

For more information, please visit or call (800) VAC-U-MAX – (973) 759-4600

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