New vacuum gauges with integrated chemical resistant sensors from VACUUBRAND

October 28, 2015 - "Press Releases"

Making the vacuum visible!

New vacuum gauges with integrated chemical resistant sensors from VACUUBRAND 

vacuum gauge

The new VACUU·VIEW series offers two new compact vacuum gauges, both of which can be directly mounted to the apparatus whilst measuring and displaying the vacuum on an illuminated, easy to read display. Whereas the VACUU·VIEW model provides accurate measurement results in the rough vacuum range, the VACUU·VIEW extended version is equipped with a combination sensor for the extended measurement range from atmospheric pressure to 10-3 mbar. Designed for harsh conditions in chemical laboratories and industry, the chemically resistant sensors contained within a robust housing provide reliable measurements. The compact design with integrated sensors means that they can be more easily placed directly at the point of interest in laboratory and process structures. The display with menu navigation allows for easy adjustment of display options or the selection of the pressure unit. All typical vacuum measurements in chemical and pharmaceutical laboratories, as well as in industrial applications are solved reliably and accurately. 
With the new vacuum VACUU·VIEW gauges vacuum is visible at all times!

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