New Eriez® Flotation Video Highlights HydroFloat® Separation Technology and Multiple Benefits in Support of Customer ESG Initiatives

April 13, 2022 - "Company News"

Erie, Pa.—Eriez®, one of the foremost mining and minerals processing industry equipment providers in North America and throughout the world, has released a new video detailing operation of the company’s HydroFloat® Separator technology and its benefits for mining companies to enhance their Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) performance.  

The three-minute animated video highlights the intricate operation of the HydroFloat coarse particle technology and how the technology addresses the challenges of conventional mining operations. The HydroFloat Separator combines the benefits of density separation with the selectivity of flotation.

Viewers learn how the HydroFloat makes an extensive impact on sustainability in the mining industry. For example, the HydroFloat in combination with advanced dewatering processes can increase water recovery by 85%, decrease energy consumption by 10-20%, increase processing capacity by 10-35% and increase global recovery by 2-6%.

The video describes how the innovative design of the HydroFloat Separator recovers particles more than two times coarser than conventional flotation cells. Other benefits highlighted include the increased bubble particle collision rates, decreased turbulence and detachment and more.  

“The use of the HydroFloat can reduce the amount of fine tailings and water sent to storage facilities by 30% or more,” says Eric Bain Wasmund, Ph.D., Vice President—Global Flotation Business. “This is critical in parts of the world threatened by water shortages.” 

Wasmund continues, “Our customers are extremely motivated and excited to find new, innovative, and unique ways to incorporate our flotation equipment to make step-change ESG improvements. Our technical staff works in cooperation with clients to develop and perfect applications using technologies like HydroFloat.” 

Established in 1942, Eriez is a global leader in separation technologies. Our commitment to innovation has positioned us as a driving market force in several key technology areas, including magnetic separation, flotation, metal detection and material handling equipment. The company’s 900+ employees are dedicated to providing trusted technical solutions to the mining, food, recycling, packaging, aggregate and other processing industries. Headquartered in Erie, Pennsylvania, USA, Eriez designs, manufactures, and markets on six continents through 12 wholly owned international subsidiaries and an extensive sales representative network.

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