New Tech Should Create New Jobs at Dajcor

October 12, 2016 - "Press Releases"

News Jobs Will Likely Follow Expansion at Dajcor

Dajcor Aluminum Inc. is still updating the technology at its Chatham facility, but officials are sure the machinery will create new jobs.

Dajcor recently got a $1-million grant from the Ontario government to get state-of-the-art aluminum fabrication equipment. HR Manager Wayne Cowell says they’ve already got a new press, which has yet to be commissioned. They’ll also be upgrading technology in their anodizing department.

Cowell says, while the machinery will make operations more efficient, that doesn’t mean jobs will be lost.

“The new press gives us an opportunity to go after more customers, because it extrudes bigger parts faster, and it’s cost efficient,” says Cowell.

If they’re able to secure more clients, Cowell says they’ll need to hire skilled tradesmen, CNC programmers, junior designers, and program managers among other positions.

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