PPG-Works: The Ultimate Gearbox Repair Company Is Taking The World By Storm

January 28, 2019 - "Press Releases"

“With PPG, no gearbox is scrap or non-repairable; and now the brand is striving to make a name for itself for its efficiency in repairing of Lufkin Gearboxes.”
Houston, Jan 24, 2019  - Since 1986, PPG has been providing with the ultimate services of cleaning and repairing broken gearbox, and solutions to power transmission and gearbox application. Their quick service and response are what makes them the ultimate option or one-stop solution for anything related to gearbox repairing. With the help of their trained and professional personnel, they have the power to rebuild and repair their variety of gearboxes and all kinds of Industrial Gearbox Repair equipment.
PPG has, along with repairing all kinds of gearboxes of both international and domestic companies, have also has taken under their wing the brand of Lufkin Gearboxes. Now anyone can ask for their assistance in Lufkin Gearbox repair, and it is true that they would deliver with great and premium service. Plus, their efficiency in doing their job well is something astonishing. PPG would determine the causes of failures and would also provide their clients with the same in their quotation. If any evidence of misalignment, excessive heat, or overloading in the machine occurs, they would also note it down.
PPG is skilled and has machine capabilities and are eligible and efficient in performing even the most complicated repairs, be it any gearbox, including, steel, carburized, cast iron, bronze, brass, and worm gears.
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