Rostra Vernatherm Specializing in Various Valves and Thermal Control Devices

June 19, 2017 - "Press Releases"

Located in Bristol CT USA, Rostra Vernatherm designs and manufactures various valves and thermal control devices. For over 85 years Vernatherm has served the aerospace, automotive, and compressor industries and is an expert in precision machining and process control as it relates to valves and thermal logistics.


Rostra Vernatherm has developed valuable experience and intellectual knowledge specific to solving engineering problems. Rostra Vernatherm specializes in thermal dynamics, flow control, valve design, and performance to specification.


It is with this experience that Rostra Vernatherm continues today as a global leader in precision thermal control solutions.  Rostra Vernatherm is best known for their thermal actuators; known by some as “wax motors” which actuate in a linear fashion upon thermal increase. These thermal actuators are incorporated into valves and manifolds that serve as non-electric thermal regulators in many critical aerospace applications as well as automotive, HVAC, food service, and military.


Solving engineering related problems is a difficult task that requires attention to detail, learned experience, discipline, and at times specialized custom testing equipment. Extracting data required to identify root causes of problems is critical in developing solutions, and for that Rostra Vernatherm designs and builds special mechanisms that do just that.  Until just recently Vernatherm’s specialized tests and their custom testing equipment were limited to in-house product development.  Starting in May 2017 Rostra Vernatherm is offering their entire catalog of analytical services to the public aside from their own physical products.  Conducting these sorts of analytical tests is costly for individuals and businesses to conduct on their own which is why utilizing Rostra Vernatherm’s already developed infrastructure and experience is the best option.


Process Oven


Save time, money, and headaches by contracting Vernatherm to conduct the tests you need. Utilize Vernatherm’s 85 years of experience and by doing so you can ensure the data extracted and the solution provided will be accurate, and executable.

Process Oven



Analytical Services Offered

  • Custom testing rig design & fabrication
  • Finite element analysis & simulation
  • Dynamic thermal flow analysis
  • Environmental testing
  • Temperature analysis
  • Accelerated life cycle
  • Hysteresis definition
  • Pressure analysis
  • Flow analysis

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