DPC Multi-Parameter Volumetric/Mass Gas Flow Controller

March 17, 2020 - "Applications "

Aalborg Instruments’ DPC series precision digital mass flow controller provides accurate and stable control of mass flow rate, of process gases. 
With simultaneous display of Mass Flow, Volumetric Flow, Pressure and Temperature parameters it is used in a variety of industries, including scientific and analytical applications, bioreactors and surface depositions, gas sampling, manufacturing and metrology activities.
The DPC incorporates multi-gas functionality facilitating selection of up to 30 different gases locally via optional OLED/Joystick interface, remotely via the RS232/RS485 interface or optional Modbus RTU interface. 
AALBORG DPC mass flow controllers, Totalizers with batch processing mode, high ±(0.5% RD + 0.2%FS) standard accuracy, 200:1 turn-down ratio and less than 150 ms response time allow users to save considerable costs of owning and installation discreet application specific instruments required to perform similar control and measurements.
Design Features 
  • Simultaneously displays Mass Flow, Volumetric Flow, Pressure and Temperature. Multi-Gas functionality: support for 90 different gases and gas mixes. 
  • User Defined Mixture functionality allows to create and store up 20 custom gas mixes with up to 5 different gases each. 
  • Quick (100-150 ms) response time.
  • Standard accuracy ± (0.5% RD + 0.2% FS). 
  • 200 to 1 turn-down ratio. 
  • Two programmable mass flow rate totalizers. 
  • High, Low or In Range Alarms with preset action delay for Mass Flow, Temperature and Pressure.
  • User programmable mass flow rate Pulse Output (via SSR). 
  • Extensive Self Diagnostics with status LED or OLED indication. 
  • All 3 user selectable analog input and output interfaces are standard: 0-5Vdc, 0-10Vdc, 4-20mA. 
  • Two user selectable digital communication interfaces (RS-232 and RS-485) are standard. 
  • Optional Modbus RTU network interface with isolated RS485 transceiver. 
  • User programmable solid state relay with latch option. 
  • Universal 12-26 Vdc power supply input.
  • Local high contrast OLED (optional) graphic display with joystick control. 
  • Free, easy-to-use configuration and calibration software (RS-232/RS-485). 
  • Programmable set point table with ramping up/down capability up to 16 steps.


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