2022 Brought Big Changes to CFS

March 29, 2023 - "Company News"

After experiencing tremendous growth in 2021 we were bursting at the seams. Navigating supply chain delays and shortages throughout the ‘22 expansion, the final machine arrived just in time for Christmas. When the dust settled we gained 32,000 square feet in our Franklin, WI location, new and renovated office space, and 6 new production machines and an expanded Houston location which tripled the size of that facility.

CFS is always exploring and investing in advanced technologies. The expansion provided us the space to bring on the long-awaited new flagship of our converting operations – a Delta ModTech high speed rotary press equipped with a Flex Edge® laser and MOD-Track® vision inspection system. With this system we can hold tolerances that are generally unheard of in the die cutting industry. 

Laser die cutting technology can be leveraged to produce rapid prototypes and production die cuts with extreme precision. It can be a stand-alone process or can be used in-line with hard tooling to create complex shapes and multi-layer laminations. Unlike traditional die cutting methods, the laser can create tricky patterns and fine details which are otherwise impossible. This highly repeatable method enables the smallest holes, slots and perforations to be cut. Optical registration and vision inspection reporting provides instant feedback to the operator allowing nearly imperceptible corrections to be made, ensuring perfect parts are shipped every time. We can provide a data file detailing the critical dimensions of every part we supply.

The final production machine to arrive was a new 50 ton compression/transfer molding press. “The past 3 years have highlighted many challenges in the supply chain. The number of requests for in-house custom silicone molding has skyrocketed. We listened,” commented Henry Asik, VP of CFS. This 50 ton press will be available for custom projects for those customers who require US silicone molding services and shorter lead times. “We have space for additional molding machines which we expect to bring on-line in the next 12-18 months,” continued Henry.

The first products we are molding in-house are our patent pending Hook Locks. Fitting over the end of a  coating hook, they prevents part loss. This is also a very important safety feature, preventing parts from falling off automated overhead paint lines onto unsuspecting employees below. Designed from high temperature silicone, they can be re-used many times. Currently stocked for wire diameters of 0.062”- 0.180”, other sizes are available on request. These hook locks are suitable for use on most paint hooks types including standard S, C and V, jam hooks, spring hooks, snap hooks, crossbar hooks or any other hanging hook systems where part loss is a concern.

The addition of the 72” Elite Cameron rewind slitter has already proven to be a game changer for our customers. We now have the ability to convert master logs of tape into “mults” that have been laminated in-line, at speeds up to 1,000 ft/min. Previously we were limited to rewind slitting at a fraction of that speed and laminating in a second step. For one customer, this allowed us to produce a new design at a price point within their budget due to the labor and time savings. 

The Siat narrow web rewind slitter is a specialty machine with a very unique use. Certain tapes, like 3M 468MP (a transfer tape), are notoriously difficult to slit using standard single-knife operations. The lack of carrier material causes the adhesive to “roll” onto subsequent layers, making them challenging to unwind. The Siat can unwind the master roll, slit with razors and precisely rewind onto new cores. This process is slower than traditional methods but provides extremely precise rewind slitting.

The eagerly awaited automated Preco flatbed hydraulic press arrived to a waiting list of work. This adds high speed capacity for parts that are too large to run on a rotary press or higher volumes than are economical for digital knife or steel rule punch press machines. The Preco’s output is up to 10x faster than these other methods while holding similar or better tolerances. It can also accommodate matched metal (male-female) tooling for extreme precision on thick gasket foams.

“We look forward to hosting an open house in early summer. We will be opening our doors to our customers, vendors, suppliers for tours and demonstrations. Watch our social media platforms for more information as we get into spring,” concluded Henry. 

About Custom Fabricating & Supplies: CFS is an ISO 9001:2015 supplier of component die cuts, custom rubber molded parts, extrusions & masking supplies for industrial powder coating applications. A 3M Preferred Converter with over 40 years of experience in the industry, they are experts in surface protection applications such as tapes and plugs as well as seals, mounting & holding, gaskets, spacers, shielding and insulators.  Capabilities include precision rotary die cutting, dieless die cutting, laser rotary die cutting, automated flatbed die cutting, kiss cutting, custom molded parts (in-house, USA molding available), rewind slitting and laminating. CFS is also an online distributor of masking products, such as pressure sensitive tapes, silicone plugs & caps, 3M products and high temperature tape die-cuts often used in powder coating and wet paint. CFS supplies many diverse industries including agriculture, aerospace, military, electronics, LED lighting, automotive and medical manufacturers. 

For more information on CFS please call Christy Schulthess, Marketing Director, at (800) 556-7188 or email info@customfabricate.com. The company website can be found at: www.customfabricate.com.

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