Fibertech to Introduce Three New Laundry Truck Models

April 18, 2018 - "New Product Release"


Fibertech to introduce three new laundry truck models


This spring Fibertech is adding three new laundry trucks to their line of versatile, rotationally-molded material handling solutions for a variety of laundry and linen service industries.

Elberfeld, IN -- In March, Fibertech announced that they will be adding three new models of laundry trucks to their extensive selection of rotationally-molded, bulk containers. These expanded options, including the EC-101,  the F-LT90, and the F-LT70, will give customers across a variety of industries the option to customize laundry carts to their exact business needs.

“With over 20 years in the plastics industry, we continue to expand our product line and strengthen our molding abilities with cutting edge technology,” said Marketing Director, Natalie Young, of the extended product line, going on to state, “Fibertech continues to grow inside and out. Including new machines, building expansions, and adding products to our laundry truck line.”


More about the Exchange Cart 101

The EC-101 is a large shelf cart that offers the versatility of exchanging dirty linens for  clean linens. Instead of relying on multiple laundry trucks or bulk containers with cumbersome shelving, Fibertech’s exchange cart features a unique shelf conversion system which allows customers to effortlessly expand or collapse built-in shelves depending on the task at hand.

The shelves in the exchange cart can easily be converted to a vertical position for dirty linen pick up, and then easily changed to a horizontal position to organize and deliver fresh linens. This ability to quickly switch functions results in a more efficient workflow and maximizes space.


More about the Laundry Truck 90

The F-LT90 is a smaller shelf truck that has plastic or wire shelves to interchange linens. In addition to a heavy duty design, Fibertech’s F-LT90 is designed to make businesses more efficient by including a collapsible shelving system which can be effortlessly converted, allowing employees to switch functions in a matter of seconds. This versatility means businesses can collect dirty linens in the same cart they use to sort and deliver fresh linens, resulting in a round trip functionality that speeds up operations and reduces the need for multiple truck styles.

The standard F-LT90 model comes with ventilated plastic shelving and a metal base, however, Fibertech also offers metal shelving and/or a plastic base in case these options will better serve customers specific industry needs.


More about the Laundry Truck 70

Measuring in at only 56 inches (about 4 feet and 6 inches) Fibertech’s F-LT70 laundry truck is much shorter than their other bulk laundry carts. This more compact design offers a variety of benefits for businesses. One advantage is that it is easier for employees to maneuver. Unlike the manufacturer’s larger models, employees can quickly and efficiently haul clean and dirty linens through hallways without slowing down to see what is ahead of them, since they can easily see over the smaller cart model.

Similarly to Fibertech’s other laundry carts, the F-LT70 laundry truck is manufactured from a solid, one-piece design using rotational molded polyethylene. Additionally, this model also includes a sturdy metal base and reinforced rounded corners for durability as well as ergonomic hand holes and swivel/rigid caster wheels for easy maneuvering.


About Fibertech: Fibertech Inc. creates environmentally responsible solutions for customers, with products and services that surpass their needs and expectations. Proudly, they  manufacture, design and produce plastic material handling products for laundry and linen services. Learn more at

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