C14 SecureSleeve

August 23, 2013 - "Press Releases"

SPDS (Signal and Power Delivery Systems, Inc.) introduces the world’s first tightening sleeve for the connections between IEC C13 outlets and the IEC C14 plugs on power cords.

The Problem:

Server rooms and data centers have expensive critical equipment all connected to a PDU (Power Distribution Unit). The connection between the IEC C13 outlet on the PDU and the IEC C14 power cord plug can jiggle loose causing marginal connections or disconnect entirely. Data, equipment and system uptime are at risk if these power connections fail.

There are a variety of panel mount C13 connector manufacturers and a variety of power cord manufacturers each with slightly different tolerances for their products.

No universal solution currently exists to ensure secure reliable connections between any equipment’s power cord and the power source it’s plugged into.

The Solution:

The C14SecureSleeve is a simple inexpensive solution to this problem. Regardless of who supplies the PDU or piece of equipment being plugged into it, the C14SecureSleeve tightens the connection between the power cord and the PDU so that this connection won’t be compromised due to vibration or minor movement of the cord.

Power Cords

Server rooms and data centers contain thousands of dollars of mission critical equipment such as Servers, Data Storage Products, Firewalls, Routers, Switches, etc. managing valuable data. The C14SecureSleeve allows you to avoid these potential problems for under a buck. “We are so pleased to be able to offer a true universal solution to our Data Center OEM customers. These new products are already hugely popular in the short time they have been available.”, says Ivo Landre, President and CEO of SPDS.


Update 05-15-12:  We are pleased to offer a new version of this product with removal tabs added to ease product removal should the sleeve remain in the C13 receptacle after power cord removal.  New version available here:  C14SecureSleeveTAB

Update 05-15-12:  We are pleased to offer the same type of product for the IEC C20 power cord plug available here:  C20SecureSleeve

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