Advantages of Par-Kut In Plant Offices and Prefab Offices

August 20, 2015 - "Blog"

There are dozens of companies offering modular in plant offices. However, if you are seeking a rugged, portable prefab office, built to your order, contact the team at Par-Kut and talk to a sales engineer. A 4th generation now stands ready to assist with your project. Custom in plant offices and control booths are a Par-Kut specialty. All buildings are welded galvanized steel, factory finished and shipped complete with wiring, windows and doors.

Par-Kut Modular Office

Our pre-fab offices are designed with customer input and are drawn up using AutoCAD. The drawings are checked for accuracy and then sent to the customer for review. After the review cycle is complete and finishes are selected, the in-plant office is released for manufacturing in our 54,000 square foot factory. Our pre-fab office construction process utilizes many different specialists and craftsmen. Sheet metal workers, welders, grinders, painters, electricians, door and window makers & installers and finishers. When a pre-fab Par-Kut in-plant office ships from the factory , it is complete and ready to use after electric hook up.

Whether the in plant office is used for a supervisor, a break-room, a conference room or an environmental shelter in a processing area, the durable welded insulated steel construction of a Par-Kut prefab office is superior for many reasons.

Advantages of Par-Kut In Plant Offices and Pre Fab Offices:

  •     Portability – Move as conditions change.
  •     Strength – Meet all model building codes as well as floor loads & options for equipment on walls to allow outfitting in your shop prior to shipment to your remote job sites.
  •     Built to order sizes – We will work to your sizes & configurations 2 wall 3 wall 2, 3 & 4 module construction. It just has to be shipped by truck.
  •     Almost Infinite list of options
  •     Sound deadening walls, ceiling, glass & flooring
  •     Hazardous location electrical
  •     A/C: wall pack, Split pack, thru wall units
  •     Doors: roll up, double door, removable panels & headers
  •     As much or as little glass as needed, interior or exterior roof systems.
  •     Phone & data preps, outlets, lighting
Par-Kut Modular Building




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