MVD Abrasion/Erosion Resistant Treatment

November 30, 2020 - "Capabilities "


Increasing Service Life of Thermowells, Protection Tubes and Other Critical Components


Is Abrasion Wearing You Out?

Double the life of your Thermowells and Protection Tubes in erosive/abrasive environments.

Thermocouple Technology Exclusive: MVD Tungsten Carbide Treatment

Tungsten Carbide is fused with the thermowell material and becomes an integral part of the mass of the well. A new substantially harder and more durable thermowell.

  • Lasts 2-4 times longer than non-treated applications
  • For use with Protection Tubes, Barstock Thermowells and more
  • Effective at temperatures ranging from -300°F to 2300°F
  • Superior design
  • Hardness to 74 Rc
  • Capability of treating applications of any size


Designed for applications where metallic components will be exposed to highly abrasive conditions such as:

  • Power Plant Coal Pulverizers
  • Pulverized Coal Ducts
  • Fluidized Coal Bed Reactors
  • Sludge Dryers


Industries Served:

  • Aerospace
  • Power
  • Metal Processing
  • Automotive
  • Waste Incineration
  • Chemical Processing
  • Oil and Gas


Why Choose MVD Treatment

Designed to withstand the highly erosive environments found in Power Plants utilizing CFB (Circulating Fluidized Bed) Boilers. These assemblies are used for indication, control & safety, providing critical inputs to the Fluidized Bed Supervisory System. Temperature range in these areas is ambient to 1800°+F (982+°C). The gases encountered are CO, CO2, SO2, NOx, and NH3. Particles include Bituminous Coal, Limestone & Ash moving at a substantial velocity resulting in a very erosive atmosphere. TTEC CFB Assemblies are designed to perform and withstand.






Contact Us! Call or email for more information on how MVD Abrasion Resistant can help you save time and money. 

To order: Specify the Thermowell or protection tube part number from the TTEC Series 10000 Thermowells/ Series 2000 Protection Tube catalog and add Option Code "X30" Custom designs are also available!

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