ResinDek® Panels get DC Moving Again!

July 20, 2021 - "Company News"

Panel The Maintenance Manager at this Tennessee Distribution Facility had a problem. They had selected bar grating as the deck surface for one of their work platforms. Since lighting the area below was a factor, and there was no moving traffic on the flooring surface, it seemed like a good decision at the time.

Then things changed. It became apparent that they needed to move product on and off of their conveyors with pallet jacks. A gate was added to load pallets onto the deck surface from below, but the loads would not slide. The bar grate was now a liability, not an advantage. Pallet jack wheels were getting torn up, efficiency was down, and their associates were not productive. The answer? ResinDek Panels!

"Because of initial budget constraints at this time, we have only installed about 2,500 square feet of ResinDek panels over our bar grate mezzanine. The results have been immediate, and very good! Our products can now be moved quickly and easily from the lower level to the work platform, and from the staging area to the conveyors. This has been a great success for us! We intend to deck over the entire platform with ResinDek panels as soon as budgeting permits! We should have used ResinDek panels from the outset. Our Company has several million square feet of ResinDek panels in place throughout the US, and we are very pleased with the flooring. We have mezzanines right in this facility that are over eight years old that were decked with ResinDek. Those platforms still look and work great for us! I would freely tell other Facilities Managers to choose ResinDek Panels for their work platforms. For our company, ResinDek Panels have withstood the test of time.

As an added benefit, Cornerstone offers us a ResinDek panel with an electrostatic dissipative surface. Before we started using ResinDek ESD panels, we were experiencing some static shocks to our associates, and occasionally, the servo drive motors on our conveyors were shorting out. The ResinDek ESD has saved us countless hours in needless down time and expensive repairs. We are very satisfied with our ResinDek Panels at this facility."

The Maintenance Manager

Tennessee Distribution Facility


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