Teisseire Use Bürkert Smart Valve Control to Improve Fruit Syrup Production

February 04, 2015 - "White Papers"

Leading French fruit syrup manufacturer Teisseire has retained traditional core values producing concentrated fruit syrups and drinks with the addition of a Bürkert smart valve control.

The main production plant in Crolles, built in 1971, recently saw a major investment in new process equipment, thanks in part to Britvic, which acquired the company in 2010.The project required leading process control technology provider Bürkert Fluid Control Systems to deploy one of its latest innovations to aid process performance as well as integration.

The Bürkert 8681 control head will be used as a key enabling technology to completely change how the process valves at the plant are controlled and actuated, doing away with direct air connections to control cabinets and creating intelligent fieldbus enabled devices that increase both the reliability and efficiency of the production line.

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