Ball Screw Repair Company Shows Why Ball Screws Are Better than Lead Screws

July 29, 2016 - "Press Releases"

Superior Ball Screw Repair, LLC, a company based out of Ringgold, GA, has recently rebuilt 2 Steinmeyer ball screws out of a Haas VF11 CNC on X Axis, and they point out that it shows why ball screws are better than lead screws. The announcement was made on the company's Twitter page, which reports on various other rebuilds, along with contact information for new customers to learn more about how to purchase ball screws, or have ball screws repaired.

Ball Screw Repair Company Shows Why Ball Screws Are Better than Lead Screws

The company specializes in ball screw repair and ball screw installation, and has long been an advocate of ball screws over lead screws, and has gone so far as to point out that lead screws are actually less efficient due to the need for higher torque levels and a bigger motor to install. Their high friction rating, has also been noted by the company, as one of the main reasons they don't suggest clients use them. Because of their various poor qualities lead screws are replaced far more frequently than ball screws, making them a costlier investment in the long run. The company explains: "Ball screws are more costly than lead screws but this is offset by the fact that lead screws have to be replaced more frequently. In addition, leads screws require a bigger motor and drive, thus resulting into higher power costs."

The latest build of the 2 Steinmeyer ball screws is being used as proof by Superior Ball Screw Repair, LLC that the ball screws are better in terms of quality. Requiring less torque, and being more resistant to friction, they often need fewer repairs, although the company has made it abundantly clear that they are always willing to take on most repair cases as ball screws are regularly fixed and reused rather than tossed away.

For more information on the ball screw services being offered by Superior Ball Screw Repair, LLC, potential customers are invited to check out the company's official website or contact them via telephone. The site also offers links to various social media platforms where the company subscribes, allowing newcomers to check out up and coming projects and previous builds, such as the Steinmeyer ball screws rebuilt last month.

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