HAYFLOW™ Filter Element by Eaton Filtration Named an Eaton Green Solution

March 07, 2013 - "Capabilities "

February 1, 2013- The HAYFLOW™ Filter Element by industrial manufacturer Eaton Corporation has been named An Eaton Green Solution, a designation which signifies Eaton’s commitment to customers, consumers and communities in regard to the environmental performance of this innovative product.

HAYFLOW™ outperforms standard filter bags with significant environmental benefits including a reduction in waste sent to landfills and incinerators, as well as a reduction in energy used in industrial bag filtration systems for heating and cooling steps. The advantages this bag offers may be a significant step toward meeting sustainability goals for companies that use them. Filtration change-outs are also reduced, which means improved safety for operators.

Eaton’s Filtration Division is dedicated to enhancing customer processes in a variety of industrial applications by being a leading supplier of economical and environmentally friendly solutions for filtration and separation issues. Well known brands including Loeffler, Wright-Austin, Begerow, Internormen, and Hayward Filtration among others are manufactured and sold by Eaton Filtration around the globe, with representatives and distributers in over 100 countries.

As global technology leader, Eaton Corporation helps customers manage hydraulic, mechanical, and electrical power with energy-efficient solutions. Their products, systems, and solutions function in a variety of commercial and military applications. For more information about the corporation and the products they offer, visit the Eaton website today.

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