National Bronze & Metals, Inc. Advancing Alloys used in Crucial Applications

February 12, 2013 - "Capabilities "

National Bronze & Metals, Inc. had an article written about them that was featured in the August 2012 issue of Modern Metals for their recent innovations in the copper, brass, aluminum, bronze and nickel alloys field. The company recently began to offer nickel aluminum bronze alloys and manganese bronze alloys. “With our state-of-the-art foundry, which opened in January 2010, we have been able to make some tremendous gains in the quality of our materials compared to what is available in the market right now,” Norman Lazarus, Senior Vice President at NBM said.

The result has been higher mechanical properties and because of that NBM has started to supply AMS 4880 and AMS 4881 nickel aluminum bronzes that are used in landing gears on aircrafts for both commercial and military planes. NBM strives to serve the needs of any global customer by offering more than 100 grades of copper alloys exceeding over 10 million pounds. They keep a large amount of inventory in stock to provide customers with quicker turnaround times.

National Bronze & Metals, Inc. has continued to grow as a company and has also seen an increase in orders as they continue to offer more products. NBM supplies many industries including aerospace, oil and gas, power and energy, automotive and more. The company’s product list rapidly increases each year as they push to offer more products.

Staying green and environmentally friendly is also very important to NBM as they keep waste away from their customers. “By having NBM complete the rough machining of materials before they are sent to customer, we are taking the shavings and recycling them right from the source,” Lazarus says. This keeps waste out of the customer’s property and NBM takes care of it the proper way eliminating disposal issues.  “Now we are an approved supplier and have ramped up our inventories on a worldwide basis, which will allow for very prompt service,” Lazarus says. The company has four locations which are in Houston, Texas; Lorain, Ohio; Toulon, France; and Monterrey, Mexico. This allows for them to supply more customers at a quicker pace, no matter their geographic location.

For more information please visit the National Bronze & Metals, Inc. Website.

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