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May 30, 2014 - "Company News"

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From the Editor:

An advantage of being late in publishing the newsletter this month is that I can reflect on last Monday's Memorial Day holiday held in the United States. Canada has their version in July. While it was originally established to recognize fallen soldiers from early wars, it has morphed somewhat into celebrating all those we have loved, or otherwise deem important, that have gone before us. While either supporting our freedom or directly affecting our personal development, the legacies left behind deserve to be honored and remembered.

What will your legacy be? If its nothing more than being the best you can be, whether in your relationships or in your chosen field of endeavor, that will likely be enough. Out of respect, take advantage of every day. Those we revered this past weekend don't get a second chance.

Chris Popp

DieQua News

2nd Technical Institute Convened

A new group of high tech distributors and integrators descended on DieQua's national headquarters to partake in 2 days of intense training. Identifying up to 35 application characteristics that affect servo gearbox selection was followed by matching the gear technology that works best. Read more...

Personal Development

Final Ways To Survive 30 Years

Whether you are anticipating the final installment or just glad its almost over, DieQua's Chris Popp shares the final 3 of his top 10 list of ways to survive 30 years on the job. While you may not want to spend that much time at one place, the advice is still helpful for making the most of where you are. Read more...

Design Technology

Give Yourself A Brake

Selecting the correct electrical power-off brake is critical for the optimal performance and safety of your drive system. There are two basic designs that have different characteristics that need considering. Check out this short article from Design World that reviews the basics and gives advice. Read more...

Product Focus

Zero Speed Ahead

Mechanical variable speed drives are all but obsolete due to cheap frequency inverters. However, there are two instances where inverters are problematic, providing full torque at zero to low speed and in explosion proof environments. See how our Plaromaster shines doing these jobs. Read more...

Application of the Month

Measuring Worm Reducer Backlash

Most engineers don't consider a worm gearbox when backlash is a consideration. But, they can be a viable solution when a certain amount is allowable. Unfortunately, measuring backlash on a worm isn't as straight forward as for other gear types. See how to do it here. Read more...


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