Dexmet Receives AS9100 Certification

January 31, 2013 - "Capabilities "

It has been a long time goal of ours here at Dexmet Corporation to be recognized as the global leader for thin film expanded polymers and foil gauge expanded metal. Our recent AS9100/ISO9001:2008 certification for the defense, aviation, and aerospace industries brings us ever closer to that goal. Dexmet adheres to the configuration control and risk management features of the Standard’s requisite and, as always, regards full customer satisfaction as our main focus. We work together with our customers in order to not only meet their requirements, but to exceed their expectations in every way.

Conforming to aircraft industry quality requirements means that we will continue to see that market segment of our company expand. We have been an experienced, ISO certified manufacturer for over ten years and know how important it is to conform to our customers’ internal quality standards. A long time producer of high quality expanded foils for lightning strike protection on carbon fiber aircraft components, our strong ISO foundation made compliance to AS Standards that much easier. 

Our new AS9001 Certification is proof that we have been able to maintain strict quality standards while continuing to operate at high production volumes. Dexmet Corporation is proud of and dedicated to this achievement as it allows us to better meet individual quality programs across the industry. With incomparable experience and expertise, we look forward to the future and continuing to impress customers by offering the best expanded foils and polymers in the industry.

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