ROSS Planetary Dual Dispersers and Advanced Discharge Systems

June 25, 2019 - "Press Releases"

The inventor of the Double Planetary Mixer, ROSS continues to advance revolutionary design developments in specialty mixing. Offering a robust combination of kneading and high shear input, the newest addition to the ROSS planetary mixing line of industrial mixers -- the Planetary Dual Disperser (PDDM) -- delivers unparalleled processing power for new generation batteries, adhesives, composites, pharmaceuticals, coatings and chemicals. To date, ROSS has supplied more than 3,000 PDDM completely integrated mixing systems worldwide.
Available in sizes upwards of 1000-gallons, the new system of two (2) Planetary Dual Dispersers is complete with two (2) advanced dual-post Discharge Systems designed for 100 PSIG discharge pressure. The semi-continuous mixing and discharge operation utilizes ten (10) interchangeable vessels. Each PDDM is equipped with two rectangular stirrers and two dual-blade high speed dispersers that rotate on their own axis while orbiting the mixing zone on a common axis. Operator controls feature a 20-step, 20-recipe program ensuring batch-to-batch consistency and complete traceability.
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