Windbox – SOFA Windboxes Manufactured by BEPeterson

September 30, 2016 - "Press Releases"

SOFA Windboxes Manufactured by BEPeterson
SOFA Windboxes Manufactured by BEPeterson

BEPeterson manufactures windboxes and SOFA windboxes for coal and gas wall fired burners manufactured to specific customer design. They include the use of carbon steels and high temperature stainless steel materials. Windboxes can be supplied for either new construction or retrofit into existing boiler requirements.

BEP has a forty-five year history in fabricating products for the power and utilities industry. From coal Low NOx burners and boiler assemblies to large duct work, scrubbers and a myriad of other parts and components, BEP-fabricated products are integral to utilities and power plants in all corners of the globe. Products include: Ash Contro l Valves, Boiler components,

Low NOx Burners, Burner Tips, Ceramic / Refractory Lined Products, Coal Compartment Assemblies, Overfire Air Systems, BEPeterson provides custom Hardfacing where abrasion-resistance is critical, Cyclones, Dampers, Duct Work, Low NOx Wind Boxes, Sofa Registers, Vortex Finders

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