Bench Scale Dispersers

February 04, 2015 - "New Product Release"

Newly released from Mixer Direct, the DP1 line of bench top dispersers is one of the most economical and full featured disperser lines on the market.  The high shear dissolver can handle a wide range of volumes from 200 mL up to a 5 Gals.  The unique container holder adjusts so as to clamp the vessels in place firmly at a wide diameter range.  One step dispersion blade change out lets the operator quickly tune in a process, using different size dispersion blades or even different blade geometries that better accommodate the shear level needed for the application.

The DP1 high speed disperser line does not just perform well with the process, but is also easy to use.  Most models are equipped with an air lift system that effortlessly moves the dispersion blade in and out of the mix.  Controls for high shear mixer are in the front of the unit, with the exhaust piped to the rear of the unit to minimize noise and blowing against the operator.  Controls for the electric units are also ergonomically placed in the front of the unit with an RPM readout and sealed membrane buttons for liquid protection.

On the explosion proof models, a local controller is standard.  While our competitors still have you wear your wrist trying to turn a speed control pulley on the backside of the unit, we have supplied a local control station that communicates with our controller mounted outside of the rated area.

As with all of our mixers, Mixer Direct is committed to best in the industry lead times.  Most of our bench emulsifiers ship in 3 days or less.  Please contact our sales engineers if you have any questions on sizing or expedited delivery (812) 202-4047.





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