CECO Environmental® Wins Order To Remove Contaminants From 24 Million Barrels Of Seepage Water Per Year

August 07, 2019 - "Press Releases"

DALLAS, July 23, 2019 -- CECO Environmental Corp announced today an important new order to help treat seepage water at a major international crude oil storage facility.
CECO will manage the engineering, design and delivery of a water treatment system planned to eliminate sludge by removing contaminants such as oil, solids, and harmful chemicals prior to any re-injection or potential discharge. With a storage capacity of 42 million barrels of crude oil, the facility will process approximately 24 million barrels of seepage and filter out more than 18,000 metric tons of contaminants when it is completed in 2022.
"We are extremely gratified to be selected for this project. Our experience in similar applications, ability to integrate critical technologies into customer specific solutions, and reputation for end-to-end execution led to a great win for our team," said Dennis Sadlowski, CEO of CECO. "With 42 million gallons of stored crude oil, our customer needed an efficient solution to ensure a clean and safe operation. The CECO team spent several months assisting our customer to develop the best system that will provide flexibility and fulfill the required regulatory and compliance commitments. This project win aligns with CECO's mission to protect our shared environment and help deliver a clean, safe, and more efficient world."
About CECO:
CECO Environmental is a global leader in air quality and fluid handling serving the energy, industrial and other niche markets. Providing innovative technology and application expertise, CECO helps companies grow their business with safe, clean and more efficient solutions that help protect our shared environment. In regions around the world, CECO works to improve air quality, optimize the energy value chain and provide custom engineered solutions for applications including oil and gas, power generation, water and wastewater, battery production, poly silicon fabrication, chemical and petrochemical processing along with a range of others. CECO is listed on Nasdaq under the ticker symbol "CECE".
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