Thermal Care Announces a Total System Control Option - CONNEX4.0

October 15, 2018 - "Press Releases"


As part of our continuous product improvement and innovation process, we are pleased to announce a significant advancement to our monitoring and control system with the addition of CONNEX4.0 control technology. Building on our PLC systems, we have added the power and convenience of connecting central chillers and pumping systems to one convenient platform. Monitoring and controlling all Thermal Care devices locally or remotely brings total system access to where you are for the ultimate in plant-wide system control.

Andrei Ohrnberger, Manager, Electrical Engineering added, “With either a centralized machinemounted 12-inch HMI or a dedicated stand-alone CONNEX4.0 system control panel, all systems are easy to access from any smart phone or tablet. With navigation similar to a webpage, remote access and control is literally at your fingertips.” Ohrnberger added “A customer can maximize uptime when they allow remote troubleshooting access to the Thermal Care team of service engineers. They can check operating parameters, alarm history, and data trends remotely, to troubleshoot and diagnose any issues quickly.” Another feature is automated text and email alerts for changes in status for added peace of mind.

Based in Niles, IL, Thermal Care is a leading developer and manufacturer of custom heat transfer systems and equipment, serving more than 50 industries. In addition to product lines that include portable and central chillers, cooling towers, pump reservoirs, and temperature controllers, Thermal Care adds the experience and engineering knowledge to develop and execute plant-wide cooling solutions.

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