UL Implements a New Marking

January 28, 2015 - "Blog"

UL regulations are always changing to keep up with the growing electronics industry and Quail Electronics is proud to say that they keep up with all those changes. As of July 1, 2015, all UL Listed power supply cords will be required to show a specific UL mark on the plug.

quail electronics, inc.
UL List will have 3 separate markings depending on the region they are used for. One for a UL mark for the USA, another for a C-UL/UL mark for the USA and Canada, and another C-UL mark just for Canada. This mark will provide assurance knowing your power cords are UL Listed.

Power cords have recently been a product of fraud and with this new marking you can be sure Quail Electronics is providing you a quality product. Also, this will be able to provide insurance that the whole power cord is UL listed and not just the wire. Before the UL listing was only on the flexible cord, now with this new mark on the plug you can clearly identify that your whole power cord is approved.
quail electronics, inc.
Please note that ALL UL Listed power cord that were manufactured before July 1, 2015 will not need to show the mark and they are still UL Listed approved. At Quail Electronics, we are gradually implementing the new requirement with our inventory.


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