Custom Silicone Rubber Sheet: Solid, Sponge, Roll & Custom

November 15, 2021 - "Industry Insight"

Custom Silicone Rubber Sheet

Solid, Sponge, Full Roll & Custom Cut

Silicone Rubber Roll










Quality silicone sheet with short lead times, small minimums, and made to your specifications

Yes, you can! Get quality silicone sheet with short lead times, small minimums, and great customer service. Aero Rubber can help you get the silicone rubber sheet you need. As a custom rubber manufacturer, we work to eliminate the headache from your process.

From manufacturing to pharmaceuticals to food and beverage, silicone is a popular elastomer.

Silicone is the elastomer that works. It endures manufacturing environments as well as harsh outdoor conditions. Properties like UV and ozone resistance, as well as tolerance of a wide range of temperatures, draws manufacturers to silicone. These features, along with an extended service life, make silicone one of the most in-demand elastomers. Its uses are expanding as more industries see the broad range of benefits silicone can offer. Aero Rubber also offers fire resistant, self-extinguishing silicone sheet. If you’re searching for a new elastomer, and want more information on why silicone is a good choice take a moment to read 5 Reasons to Switch to Silicone for Industrial Parts.

PROPERTIES                                         GRADES                             FEATURES

Customizable                                          Silicone Sheet                      Available

Solid                                                        Commercial                         Color Options

Sponge                                                    Specification                        PSA Application

High-Temperature / Flame Retardant      • FDA                                   Fabric Finishes

Low-Temperature Resistance                  • USP                                  Smooth Finishes

Various Hardness                                     • UL                                    Chemical Resistance

Available in Many Densities                     • MIL                                    Fiberglass Reinforced

                                                                 And Many More…

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Quick turnaround? Complex Project? Bulk Quantities? Aero Rubber can help! If you’re tired of waiting for the right part to arrive or are ready to switch to a manufacturer that cares, talk to one of our sales engineers today.



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