SmartPack Trash Compactors at 2015 French Open

May 28, 2015 - "Press Releases"

Harmony, Minnesota, USA – May 27, 2015 – SmartPack Automatic Trash Compactors, manufactured by Harmony Enterprises Inc., are being used at the French Open for the second year in a row. The French Open (also known as Roland Garros) is a major tennis tournament held at the Stade Roland Garros on May 19-June 7, 2015 in Paris, France.

In 2014, the French Open used just six SmartPacks. In 2015, they are utilizing twenty-four SmartPacks. All the SmartPacks are situated outside, with twelve SmartPacks located around the Suzanne Lenglen Tennis Court, (the second largest stadium at Stade Roland Garros, with a capacity of 10,056) and twelve situated around the Place des Mousquetaires, where the main food area is located. They are positioned with two units side-by-side: one for general waste, and the other for aluminum cans and plastic bottles, making it easy for the spectators to recycle.

SmartPack Trash Compactor

The SmartPack trash compactors at the French Open are also equipped with the wi-fi option, which sends alerts to the facility’s Waste Manager when a trash bin is full and needs to be emptied. Using the SmartPacks at the French Open has made a huge difference in the required labor and overall efficiencies at the facility. Thibaut Poulier, Sales Manager at Harmony France explained, “Prior to having the SmartPack Compactors, Roland Garros had 250 people managing the cleaning of the stadium, now only 180 people are needed. They used to empty the bins 25 times per day, now it is between 2 and 3 times, and never during the lunch rush. It is very nice that public does not see the staff emptying the bins while they area eating.”

About Harmony Enterprises Inc.

Harmony Enterprises, Inc. has been in business since 1970. They manufacture over forty models of highly customizable balers and compactors for solid waste and recycling needs in 83 countries across the globe. Harmony Enterprises, Inc. has offices in Harmony, MN USA and Toulouse, France. For more information about Harmony Enterprises, please visit their website at or or call 800-658-2320 in the US, or 507-886-6666 internationally.










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