Custom Drawer Oven's by The Grieve Corporation

December 07, 2021 - "Company News"


Drawer Oven


This custom Grieve drawer oven was designed for a fastener manufacturer that is using the oven to flash cure paint on nuts. Flash curing is the process of heating parts at a relatively low oven temperature until the parts are no longer tacky, but not fully cured.  This allows for subsequent layers of paint applications to continue to build thickness.

Four drawers measuring 30" wide by 30" deep by 2" high are perforated on the bottom and sides to allow air to circulate through. Multiple drawers prevent mixing of production lots. The nuts are loaded into the drawers in aluminum mesh bags.

Since the process involves paint, the oven includes a powered forced exhauster, purge timer and the other safety equipment required by OSHA for ovens processing flammable solvents or vapors.

Whatever your special oven configuration requirements, chances are Grieve can build an oven to meet them. Send them a message and they will get in touch with you.



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