New, Modular Dimension 4-L Workstations Offer Flexibility in Furnishing Open Area Laboratories

October 22, 2014 - "Press Releases"

New Dimension 4-L workstations from IAC Industries are purpose-built for laboratory deployment, and are designed specifically to take maximum advantage of open area labs while providing the stability and longevity of built-in casework.

BREA, CA (PRWEB) October 21, 2014

By offering both short- and long-term versatility, open area lab environments have become very popular. IAC Industries’ all-new Dimension 4-L (D4-L) modular lab workstations are designed specifically to take maximum advantage of open area labs while providing the stability and longevity of built-in casework.

D4-L workstations are purpose-built for laboratory deployment. The D4-L series utilizes a handful of basic modules from which endless lab work area configurations are derived: begin with a Starter Unit and build out work area lines, cells and islands using Add-on Units. Starter units include everything for a base single- or double-sided lab station (worksurfaces on one or two sides). Add-on units then “chain” onto the base unit to form work areas of any shape. Utilities, including power, water and air, may be configured to run through the length of the D4-L chain.

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A D4-L workstation features a high-strength steel framework to support heavy worksurfaces such as Chemsurf®, Trespa®, epoxy, phenolic resins, stainless steel or other materials. Shelving units are the Reagent Rack type—enclosed on four sides. All metal in the frame, reagent rack shelving and vertical uprights is finished with baked-on, chemical- and chip-resistant powder coat paint. A wide variety color combinations are available to coordinate with any lab aesthetics. A broad choice of lockable storage lockers and drawers, above and below the worksurface, provides ample storage options.

Hallmarks of the Dimension 4-L design are the rigid, extruded aluminum uprights with mounting channels that run continuously up the vertical length. This upright design allows for infinite vertical positioning of worksurfaces, shelving, and other upright-mounting accessories. Upright heights range from 60- to 84-inches; the workstation lengths range from 48- to 72-inches. The D4-L also provides a choice between 30- and 36-inch worksurface depths.

Based in Brea, California, IAC Industries is a prominent manufacturer of technical furniture (workbenches, workstations, and related products). IAC products are 100% made in the USA by Union Labor, and are sold worldwide. IAC Industries currently offers the widest range of workstations, workbenches, seating, and workstation-related accessories available from a single manufacturer. For more information, contact IAC Industries at 714-990-8997;


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