Tension Link Load Cells

September 22, 2022 - "Industry Insight"

Tension link load cells, also known as tension links, are high-performance sensors used to measure force, primarily in weighing and lifting applications. Tension link sensors convert a tensile force load into a measurable electrical signal. When a tension link is loaded (stress), it experiences a small elastic elongation (strain), which causes a proportional change to its electrical signal output.

Tension Link Load Cell

Strainsert is one of the most well-known force sensor manufacturers in the industry. Our tension link design consists of a sensor body, a strain gage bridge circuit, and a controlled assembly process. The circuit is installed inside a small diameter axial hole at the ideal location along the sensor’s longitudinal axis. Key features of this design include:

·         Tight installation with minimal effects due to temperature drift, extraneous torsion loads, and bending loads.

·         Environmental sealing for the protection of internal electronics.

·         Stainless-steel or Hardcoated Aluminum alloy construction.

·         Large variety of hardware interface options.

Tension links provide an optimal solution for many measurement applications including:

  • Chains, Anchors, Moorings
  • Pull testing
  • Equipment rigging
  • Material Handling
  • Hoists
  • Cranes and scales
  • Parachute Deployment Testing
  • High wind structural tests

Strainsert tension link designs include a tight strain gage installation centered along the neutral axis of the sensor body. Other sensors have a large distance between strain gage elements, which may expose them to measurement error. Our neutral axis approach minimizes the risk of errors related to temperature drift, extraneous torsion, and bending loads.

Our tension link design is rugged, versatile, and practical. For many applications, it can be more cost effective than other ap

proaches. The internal axial installation offers maximum shielding from outside interference while the environmental seals are ideal for harsh environments, including submersible and underwater applications. Designs include both male and female threaded ends as well as shackle lug ends, with either in-line or 90-degree pivots. These options allow for easier integration into the load path with less attachment hardware stack up.

We can provide both standard and custom manufactured tension links, either individually or as part of a complete force measurement system, which can include either standard (mV/V), amplified (4-20mA), or wireless digital signal conditioners, indicator products, and relevant accessories.

Please contact us to discuss solutions to your specific application and tension force load measurement needs. 



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