11 Amazing Blow Molded Products

February 09, 2016 - "Press Releases"

What would the world look like without blow molding? You have probably used a blow molded product in the last 24 hours and didn’t know it. Blow molded parts play a role in nearly every aspect of modern life, from industrial products to consumer products. Here are 11 amazing products that you might not have known were blow molded:

  1. Backpack Frames for Hiking - You are familiar with blow molded coolers, but did you know backpack frames are blow molded as well? Camping gear has to be durable, economical, and lightweight; qualities that blow molding is great at delivering to products.
  2. Play Structures - Play structures like houses, kitchens, and toy vehicles need to be fun, safe, and stylish. Blow molded products can be produced in almost any color or shape – perfect for play structures of all types.
  3. Office Chairs - Because blow molded products can take almost any shape, they can be designed for special uses like ergonomic office chairs. Chairs are a very common use of this manufacturing process and are optimized for comfort or weight by their designers.
  4. Fuel Tanks - Functional engine designs require that fuel tanks fit into unique spaces while still maintaining tight tolerances. Blow molding is the most economical and versatile way to manufacture tanks like this.
  5. Stadium Seating - Large stadiums require tens of thousands of seats, which have to be comfortable, durable, and maintain their bright color even after years in the sun. Sports facilities rely on blow molding to produce large volume pieces like this.
  6. Wheels - Next time you walk through a hardware store, look at how many pieces of equipment have plastic wheels. Blow-molded wheels are commonly used on products like toys, gardening products, and utility containers. Not only are they economical, but they are also infinitely customizable, from the size and the hub design to the inserts and the treads.
  7. Signage - You may think that you can’t afford durable, attractive, easy-to-install blow-molded signage for your company, but you’d be wrong. Blow molded signage costs are competitive with basic cardboard signage.
  8. Bio-hazard waste containers - Blow molded products can be constructed to comply with many different standards, including FDA approved waste containers used in healthcare facilities. Blow molding can create containers of transparent plastic like water bottles or extremely durable containers sufficient to keep your environment free of toxic materials.
  9. Returnable Packaging - You can save money and be environmentally friendly by using blow molded returnable packaging. Fold-up and knock-down designs save space and lower logistics costs, plus they are durable enough for dozens of long-distance trips.
  10. Kitchen Appliances - You might be surprised how many kitchen appliances rely on blow molding for their parts. From water delivery systems in dishwashers and ice makers to blow molded shelving, ducts, and insulated panels in refrigerators, blow-molded components are used by manufacturers to replace parts that were formerly made of metal or multiple pieces.
  11. Hospital Beds - Hospital beds require a wide variety of special features for both the safety & comfort of patients and the convenience of healthcare workers. Blow molded features on hospital beds include headboards, foot-boards, bed bases and adjustable height side rails. As technology or regulations change, blow molded products give designers an easy way to adjust and customize for the specific needs of their customers.

If you’re interested in exploring blow molded products for your company try using the Custom-Pak Blow Molded Product Cost Calculator. Before you design your next product, Custom-Pak can help your team identify how to save money by using blow molded technology.

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