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October 06, 2017 - "Press Releases"

Participation in MFG Day Leads to Steady Growth for Thuro

As part of a long-term strategy, Thuro focuses on changing the perception of LI job opportunities.

Brentwood, NY - Thuro Metal Products (TMP), is no stranger to the peaks and valleys of production within the manufacturing industry. Nor are they unfamiliar with the ongoing narrative that Long Island is experiencing “brain drain” and that the workforce is either aging out, under-skilled or does not exist. Thuro Metal Products is an important supplier to OEM’s of precision component parts for Automotive, Aerospace/Defense, Lighting, Optics and Industrial Equipment.

Fortunately for Thuro, growth has been steady and access to an educated workforce has been on the rise. The key to their success is two fold: (1) participation in Manufacturing Day, and (2) taking advantage of regional economic development initiatives.

Peter Hamblen, an intern at Thuro Metal since 2013 can attest to the significance of Manufacturing Day. Started in 2012 by the National Association of Manufacturers, MFG Day is an annual celebration of modern manufacturing. Manufacturers invite students, educators, businesspeople, media and politicians to their facilities in a collective effort to educate visitors about manufacturing careers and improve public perceptions of manufacturing. Since its inception in 2012, MFG DAY has seen nothing but an increase in awareness and positive perception among students. It is celebrated the entire month. To view MFG DAY 2016 statistics visit

After finishing a 2 year program in biblical studies and then music school in Ohio, the bills became too expensive, so I came home to figure out a different career path,” said Hamblen. Taking his parents advice, he decided to apply to SUNY Farmingdale’s Mechanical Engineering Technology Degree Program to try it out.

His family had been friends with the Thuros’ through their community church and Peter spoke with Albert Thuro the founder and CEO of Thuro Metal Products, about his entry into Farmingdale’s program. “Both my son, David Thuro, President of TMP and I immediately recognized a uniqueness in Peter and offered him an internship,” said Mr. Thuro. Their paid internship program was a company initiative put in place to help fill the gaps in employment that they were experiencing.

Hamblen’s first project assignment of his new internship -– organize a Manufacturing Day event at the Thuro facility located at 21 Grand Boulevard North, Brentwood, NY. The event was successful with over 40 business associates and Long Island High School students attending to visit the facility with Peter at the helm conducting the tour of the production floor.

“There is a wealth of information here at Thuro Metal Products and throughout the Long Island Manufacturing community that could be shared, but we need to do more to stir up the interest and MFG Day seems to be the only vehicle,” said Hamblen.

Peter again was tasked with organizing the event in 2014 & 2015, where over 150 people collectively attended - the majority being Long Island high school and college students as well as teachers interested in learning more about manufacturing.

“I am a big proponent of the work that goes into Manufacturing Day to educate the student constituency. For me workforce development is a critical success factor,” David commented. True talent development takes dedication and persistence. It also takes regional support and economic initiatives to make that happen.” Thuro Metal has taken advantage of those growth initiatives since 2009 and continues to leverage the regional resources.

Recently, Thuro worked with John Keating and Alex Nyilas from PSEG Long Island’s Economic Development division. “By working with innovative manufacturers like Thuro Metal Products and helping them become more energy efficient, PSEG Long Island is helping Long Island become a cleaner, greener place to live,” said Michael Voltz, director of energy efficiency and renewables at PSEG Long Island. “The energy efficiency project PSEG Long Island helped implement at Thuro Metal Products will help the organization save money on their monthly energy bill, allowing them to lower their operating costs and free up capital that can be directed toward other investments and create more jobs.”

By partnering with PSEG Long Island, Thuro Metal has received over $33,000 in Energy Efficiency incentives for installation of Energy Efficient HVAC and lighting. Thuro Metal also participates in our Economic Development Excelsior Rate incentive and has received over $26,000 in rate incentives. “The incentives realized through PSEG Long Island are certainly enough savings to be able to offer a competitive salary to graduates like Peter Hamblen,” commented David Thuro.

Peter has since moved into a larger role at Thuro Metal Products supporting design and manufacturing projects and can be credited with assisting the company last month on winning a major contract with RH Sheppard to manufacture critical components for a line of trucking assemblies.

“Peter will be receiving from us a generous job offer when he graduates in December, but I have a feeling he will have multiple options. He is alive with confidence and optimism about his future and dreams. I don’t think it’s anecdotal on my part as I observe great careers emerging in manufacturing right here on Long Island,” said David Thuro.

To schedule an interview with Peter Hamblen, take a tour of the facility or just learn more about MFG DAY and Thuro Metal Products please contact Jeanine Segall at 631.496.9600, (c) 631.375.5212 or

Participation in MFG Day Leads to Steady Growth for Thuro

Photo: Peter Hamblen (left) and David Thuro, President of Thuro Metal Products (right)

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