New Doosan Lynx 220LMS Turn / Mill with live tooling & sub spindle!

May 24, 2017 - "Innovation "

New Doosan Lynx 220LMS Turn / Mill with live tooling & sub spindle!


At Commercial Gear & Sprocket Company, we believe in constantly improving our methods to keep up with technology and continuously develop better products. This means relying on our years of expertise, but it also means investing in the best possible equipment for the job. We’re proud to announce the arrival of our newest piece of equipment: the Doosan Lynx 220LMS! We use this machine for our custom machining operations, and it gives us more capabilities than ever before. This means that we can take your custom gears and sprockets to the next level.


The Doosan Lynx 220LMS is a high performance turning mill. It has a four axis, twin spindle with live tooling and a 2” bar capacity. The Lynx series was designed to incorporate traditional manufacturing methods with advanced technology for a more reliable custom machining process.


Some other features of the Lynx 220 LMS include:
- Fast 0.15 second turret indexing
- One-piece Meehanite cast iron slant bed
- Pre-tensioned X axis ball screw
- Metered piston distributor lubrication
- Way lube separation system
- Electric torque limiters


Essentially, this new machine allows us to create parts with greater accuracy and a superior surface finish. This advanced manufacturing method results in a product that is more durable than competing parts.


If you need custom machining for special gears, sprockets or splines; CGSC Inc. is the right manufacturer for you. With our machining expertise and our advanced equipment, we can tackle even the toughest custom machining project and deliver excellent results.


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