Gems – OEM Sub-miniature pressure switch offers best-in-class size-to-performance ratio (PS61P)

November 24, 2014 - "Press Releases"

Gems Sensors & Controls (Gems) has announced the global market launch of its Model PS61P OEM sub-miniature pressure switch, offering reliable medium-to-high pressure monitoring within space-constrained applications.


The design of the PS61P incorporates a hardened alloy steel piston actuator for expanded over-pressure performance. The low mass unit occupies a 24mm diameter hex footprint and measures less than two inches. The switch is designed to reliably monitor standard pressures from 510 to 4350 PSI (35 to 300 bar), with an enhanced burst pressure rating of 22,000 PSI (1517 bar). This makes the Model PS61P especially suitable for higher pressure, cyclic pressure and pressure spike environments. In addition, its exceptional size-to-performance ratio is ideal for demanding off-highway vehicle, agricultural and construction equipment applications, particularly where space constraints and performance limitations have traditionally otherwise excluded OEM pressure switch specification.

The Gems Model PS61P is highly configurable off-the-shelf, with choices of alternate seals, fittings, and electrical terminations to meet unique OEM, aftermarket, and retrofit requirements. As a standard catalogue product, the Model PS61P is available for immediate online purchase at Test samples are available within just a few business days. Gems also routinely supports custom OEM volume designs to meet highly stringent parameters. These are typically available with shorter lead times than can be found with many other industry off-the-shelf solutions.

With its compact size and extended performance characteristics, the Gems Model PS61P is ideal for the hydraulic pressure monitoring of forklifts; scissor lifts; off-road and construction vehicles; and agricultural and off-highway equipment. It also ideal for hydraulic power pack and wind turbine generator nacelle monitoring applications, says the company.


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