Adwest Moving To Expanded Office and Parts Facility In Anaheim, California

October 20, 2016 - "Press Releases"

Adwest Moving to Expanded Facility in Anaheim, California

Expanded Parts Facility and Service Team to Help You Eliminate Your Pollutants

We will soon be expanding to larger facilities in Anaheim, California...More Details to Follow

Our services team is also expanding to increase our responsiveness to your needs

Adwest-SATTi high-efficiency oxidizer technology achieves up to   97% primary heat recovery

Achieves 60% less natural gas usage


Class A Contractor's License - Accept Nothing Less

We leverage more than 600 years of in-house expertise in thermal oxidizers, 24/7 technical support, and a California Class A Contractor's license to achieve the following benefits for you.

Maximum Uptime and Reliability

Our poppet valve design allows for quick change out (typically 8 hours) compared to rotary valve design which can take multiple days. We provide a 5-year poppet valve warranty on our flow control.

Quick and Easy Installation

Our units are installed within a couple of days, a significant improvement over the industry standard of two weeks.

Simple Change Out

Our design utilizes random packed media which allows for a simple change out when needed and lasts longer than structured block media.


Adwest Moving to Expanded Facility in Anaheim, California

Multiple VOC Abatement Solutions

·         Retox RTO Thermal Oxidizers

·         VOC Concentrators

·         Scrubbers for acid gas VOC processes

We can help you eliminate:

·         Hydrocarbons

·         Solvent fumes

·         Halogenated and hazardous air pollutant (HAP) emissions


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