Major Paper & Allied Industry Customer Benefits from Automation

March 16, 2020 - "Innovation "



A major paper and allied products manufacturer with a plant location in Greenfield, Indiana, wanted to move away from their in-floor conveyor system. Designed to move rolls, the outdated system posed roadblocks that hindered the ability to pivot in the middle of a production cycle if necessary. This lack of flexibility prompted the customer to upgrade and automate their solution. 

The ideal solution for this manufacturer needed to consider, safety and cost-efficiencies while allowing for flexibility. Upon evaluation of several alternatives the company determined that Roll Handling Laser Guided Vehicles (LGVs) could meet the challenges of flexible automation, increased safety and decreased product damage.

The newly designed vehicles would be used to move rolls throughout the facility to multiple drop-off locations automatically. They would feature the latest non-contact laser bumper technology, which can determine objects in the vehicle’s path and stop automatically until the path becomes unobstructed.


LGV System Utilizes the Latest Software for Total Solution

The resulting LGV system utilized a unique software solution from a top industry supplier. The software is easily adaptable, providing maximum flexibility in controlling the AGVs, and making changes in the system as needed. The implementation of this new system resulted in a solution that was custom made for this specific customer and which considered cost, safety and efficiency.


Features/Benefits Provided:

  • Consistent Handling of Rolls
  • Reduced Product Damage
  • Increased Safety
  • Flexibility to Change System as Production Changes
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