Ultra-Flow, Inc. Shares Four Service Reports

February 18, 2013 - "Applications "

January 22nd 2013 – Ultra-Flow, Inc. is happy to provide four service reports on current projects they are working on involving powder spray booths. Ultra-Flow provided these customers with great service and solutions to their issues. 

Project in Michigan- The issue was dust bleeding through filters after 89 hours of operation with a system that involved coating parts with PVC Powder. It was revealed that the problem was taking place during the pulse cleaning action the cake was also being blown off the media. The solution was to, below the surface, build a filter cake that would not be blown off. To complete this task we fed one ounce of baking soda per 100 square feet of filter media which was a process that needed two hours of hand feeding. In result, it stabilized the pressure drop at two to three inches. The filters are still operating great with no further issues five years later.

Project in Northern Ohio- A customer built their own collector by copying current designs for an electrostatic powder paint coating. Pressure drop was seven inches water gauge and the volume was inadequate to keep dust out of the room. To resolve this issue we tailored the system to amplify flow through the cartridge filters. Pressure drop changed to only two inches water gauge. The customer then put a shut off damper at the exhaust fan to decrease flow and decline horsepower requirements at sufficient flow.

Project in Antwerp Holland – The customer was using electrostatic booths to coat grating and a bag dust collector and there was an issue of major leakage in the filter-bags. We came in and halted the leakage by applying duct tape at the bottom of the bag cages. The pulse-jet must clean the whole bag evenly. If a solid impermeable stop is not placed at the bottom of the cage the filter cake will be ruined causing dust to bleed through the bottom after each pulse takes place. We fixed the situation quickly all in less than one afternoon’s work. After this incident the manufacturer changed the design to prevent future leakage from taking place.

Project in Cleveland Ohio- The machine was designed to add a coating to wire hangers and remove rust. Dust was going through the filter bags even when the pressure drop was less than three inches water column. This was much larger than the holes in the media as a lot of the dust contained pieces of scale that were larger than fifty microns. Once we took a look we came to the conclusion that the issue was stemming from an improper instillation of the rotary screw compressor. The person who installed the machine had left off an oil trap that recirculated the oil through the screw causing the oil to coat the bags and lubricated the fibers so that dust bigger than the openings in the bags could easily slide through. We had them install the oil trap and new bags and the installing company paid for the service call and the cost to install new filter bags. The collector then ran great with the new bags for several years.

For more information please visit the Ultra-Flow Website.

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