CECO Environmental Helps Composites Manufacturer Reduce VOCs and Improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness

November 14, 2018 - "Press Releases"

Custom Designed RTO System Enables Remote Diagnostics and Record Keeping


(DALLAS TX: Oct. 29, 2018) CECO Environmental, a leading provider of industrial air quality and fluid handling solutions, announced today the successful installation of a CECO Adwest retox regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO) for one of the largest composites and laminating manufacturers in the southeastern U.S.A. The RTO is designed to provide cost-effective VOC controls for styrene, formaldehyde, methanol and alcohol hydrocarbons, and is specified frequently across a broad range of industries to help companies meet compliance regulations.
“Helping manufacturers meet state, federal EPA and other regulatory requirements while still growing their production lines and expanding their business is an important part of what makes CECO special,” said Brian Cannon, vice president of sales for CECO’s Industrial Solutions business. “VOC abatement is mission critical to our customers and the regulations often change from region to region. We strive to help our customers navigate what it means to be “in compliance” for their given location. The RTO system interface helps operations managers reduce potential unplanned downtime with remote monitoring, diagnostics and record keeping capabilities.”
The recently installed CECO Adwest dual chamber 28000 SCFM RTO Oxidizer is custom designed to improve resource recovery and reuse with a proprietary heat transfer media rated at 95% thermal efficiency. An integral secondary air-to-heat recovery module provides up to 5 million BTU of preheated outside makeup air that can be reused for other applications such as manufacturing ovens and plant heating. 
CECO Industrial Air Quality solutions is a leading technology provider for VOC abatement in the composites industry and is frequently specified in the automotive, electronics, semiconductor, wood processing, chemical, paints, coatings, ethanol, biofuels, pharmaceutical, printing and food and beverage industries, and other applications that rely on efficient VOC abatement systems to operate within federal and local compliance and help improve our shared environment.
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