Let Fibertech Take Your Rotationally Molded Project to the Next Level

July 13, 2016 - "Press Releases"

Over the last two decades, Fibertech has engineered and developed a complete line of Rotationally Molded material handling products.   Our proprietary line of reusable bulk containers and material handling carts have become a nationwide favorite by North America’s largest food processing companies and commercial laundry facilities.  Our knowledge and experience in these industries has also allowed the addition of many custom manufactured products while actively providing our customers with environmentally responsible plastic solutions.

The Fibertech proprietary product line exists to support the requirements and demands of our customers.  Our clients told us what they needed and we listened.  We are taking those same concepts and putting them to work for custom rotomolding projects.  Fibertech wants to work with you regarding large plastic rotationally molded projects.   Our new Ferry RS-4000 machine is capable of running larger parts and producing plastic products like chemical tanks, pickling tanks, kayaks, dunk tanks, pharmaceutical containers, outdoor furniture, agricultural products and other sizeable custom parts.  Our team is committed to establishing efficient, repeatable processes for your rotationally molded products and dedicated to effective quality planning throughout the process.

Rotational molding can be the ideal process for large plastic parts due to its ability to produce parts with a uniform wall thickness with no thinning in the extremities of the part.  Rotational molding also offers more economic tooling costs than other molding processes, and offers seamless 1 piece, virtually stress free parts.  Rotomolding offers a variety of colors and finishes and can be economical for short production runs or volume production.  So whether you have a large plastic part project ideal for rotational molding or are considering a conversion to plastic from another material, Fibertech has the ability, equipment, and experience to take your project to the next level.

Fibertech Ferry RS4000

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