BiSlide Belt Drive Slide Assembly

June 07, 2013 - "Press Releases"

BiSlide Belt Drive Slide Assembly
The BiSlide Belt Drive Assembly consists of a motor/gearbox, mounted 90 degrees to a linear dovetail stage. The motor/gearbox couples to a stainless steel pulley which drives a steel reinforced timing belt.

The belt drive assembly is useful for long travel and high speeds. Speeds as high as 3 meters per second can be achieved using direct drive motors and high powered controllers. For high resolution, gear reduction motors are available. The belt drive’s high efficiency make it an ideal choice for moving light loads at high speed and for continuous duty applications.

The belt driven BiSlide Assembly is available in many length up to 220 inches (5.6 meters). Maximum payload is 260 lb./118 kg. Repeatability is 0.0002”/0.005 mm. Straight-line accuracy is 0.007”/10” length or 0.018 mm/25cm. The coefficient of sliding friction is 0.09. Cross-sectional size is 3.175” (80 mm) x 4” (100 mm)

• Smooth PTFE Linear Bearings
• Long Life Anodized Ways
• Impact Tolerant
• Adjustable Limit Switches
• 100 mm Advance/Turn (direct drive)
• Precision AT5 Timing Belt
• Stainless Steel Timing Belt Pulleys
• BiSlide Assembly Modularity

BiSlide is a registered trademarks of Velmex, Inc. For more information, contact Richard Yurick, Market manager at Velmex.

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