BEI Kimco's Brushless Motors Meet Centrifuge Requirements for Reliable, Quiet Operation

October 10, 2016 - "Press Releases"

BEI Kimco Brushless Motors Are Reliable and Quiet

BEI Kimco has met the high performance motor requirements for laboratory centrifuge machines. Centrifuges are used in biology, chemistry and hospital labs to rapidly spin and separate liquid samples into layers for analysis. These machines have varying requirements in motor functionality and size, as well as speeds that can range from just a few thousand RPM to higher than 50,000 RPM. BEI Kimco was challenged to develop motors that would deliver the high speeds needed for two centrifuge manufacturers, while at the same time provide quiet operation and maintenance-free performance.

BEI Kimco developed Brushless DC (BLDC) motors DIT11-15 and DIH40-49 to meet the necessary specifications of the individual centrifuges including operating speeds approaching 25,000 RPM. While the DIT11-15 motor delivers relatively moderate torque levels of 3.0 oz-in given its small size (1.1" in diameter x 1.28" in axial length), it does incorporate integral drive electronics for a more simplified external control scheme. In contrast, the robust DIH40-49 design is capable of power levels approaching 500 watts in a size of 4.0" in diameter x 4.9" in axial length. These two brushless motors provide impressive low noise characteristics that are achieved through precision rotor system design methodologies and bearing selection.    

"While the maximum speed and power levels of these motors are notable, their ability to sustain the rated performance over the life of the centrifuge was equally important in meeting customer requirements," says Walter Smith, Applications Engineer. "Similar BEI Kimco motor technology has been used for several leading manufacturers of medical, laboratory and industrial equipment."

BEI Kimco offers speed, size, torque and other characteristics as customization options throughout the BLDC motor offering. BEI Kimco can design a product specific to centrifuge applications and many others. For information on custom designed motors, please visit our customization options page.

For more information on BEI Kimco motors, visit our website or contact BEI Kimco, Tel: (760) 597-7042; Toll-free: (800) 572-7560; Fax: (760) 597-6320; email:

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