Meet Enerquip’s Thermal Design Team

September 03, 2021 - "Company News"

Meet Enerquip’s Thermal Design Team

The Helpful Heat Exchanger Experts

Enerquip encourages online collaboration from the comfort of your office – wherever they may be.

Through interactive screen-sharing sessions, we put you in the front seat of the design process. You’ll have the chance to review and tweak your design to ensure your heating or cooling application’s needs are met. Together we can run “what if” simulations for different product cases under different temperature and pressure conditions, and instantly see the impact on the heat exchanger performance.

Enerquip’s engineers prefer to use Microsoft Teams, but can meet with you by Zoom, GoTo Meeting and other meeting platforms.


Enerquip Team Members

Dave Arcus, P.E.

Sales Engineer

Dave has been developing solution-driven designs for Enerquip customers since 2014. He’s spent his entire career in the field of heat transfer and fluid handling systems with experience as a Systems Design Engineer and installation Project Manager.

A Registered Professional Engineer, Dave earned his Bachelors degree in Engineering.

He enjoys mountain biking, grilling out and spending time with family.

Dave’s special areas of interest include chemical, industrial, brewing & beverage, pharmaceutical, and refining & renewable energy.


Enerquip Team Members

Ron Herman

Director of Business Development

Ron began his career at Enerquip in 2010. He’s a customer-focused seasoned sales leader with 25+ years of experience in the stainless steel industry.

Ron earned his Bachelors degree in Paper Science Engineering & Business.

An avid outdoorsman, Ron likes to work hard and play hard.

Ron’s special areas of interest include chemical, renewable fuels, cannabis extraction, condensers, and evaporators, reboilers, gas coolers, economizers.


Enerquip Team Members

Will McCarron

Sales Engineer

Will began his career as a Mechanical Designer in 2013 and has been designing custom heat exchanger solutions for Enerquip clients since 2015.

Will has a Bachelors degree in Engineering Technology with a concentration in Mechanical Design & Plastics.

He enjoys spending time with family, getting outdoors as much as possible, sports, hunting, camping and volunteering as a Firefighter.

Will’s special areas of interest include food & dairy, beverage, and Canadian market needs.


Enerquip Team Members

Jim Peterson

Sales Engineer

Since 2013, Jim has been designing efficient heat exchanger solutions that meet or exceed customers needs. He enjoys the process of working with customers to solve unknowns and provide the best solutions for their projects.

Jim has a Bachelors degree in Mechanical Design.

He enjoys outdoor activities, woodworking and relaxing at the lake.

Jim’s special areas of interest include bio-pharmaceutical, ASME-BPE, food, beverage, chemical, industrial, and tank heating & cooling designs.


Enerquip Team Members

Sue Rhyner

Sales Engineer

Since 2011, Sue has been our in-house dairy industry expert. She has vast experience with heating and cooling challenging products like whey protein concentrate and milk products.

Sue enjoys spending time with her children and grandchildren, riding Harley, the great outdoors and life in general.

Sue’s special areas of interest include food & dairy, pharmaceuticals, and membrane housings.


Enerquip Team Members

Shane Viergutz

Sales Engineer

An easy-going, Wisconsin boy, Shane has been designing custom heat exchanger solutions at Enerquip since 2013.

His extensive experience in small business, sales, marketing and customer service makes him the perfect partner for your business.

Shane enjoys living in God’s country, sharing the family traditions of hunting and fishing, and all the great seasonal things Wisconsin has to offer.

Shane’s special areas of interest include chemical, industrial, paper, food & dairy, brewing, and snow melt coils for ice rinks.



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