Thomasnet Reviews

April 28, 2021 - "Blog"

Thomasnet Reviews


“Thomas called about our renewal in June and I told them how disappointed I was and that I will not renew, or if I do it will be under $1K for sure. I used your company as an example of how well the referrals work when there is no bidding going on, etc and that we get enough good inquiries through your service that it validates what we pay you every year. We decided to try Thomas last year and it was a mistake, a total loss of money. So keep up the good work.”

Dan Vukovich, Alliance LLC


"IQS is no comparison to Thomas Net. We are getting so many more calls with your company than Thomas Net. Glad we finally made the switch."

Susan Fischer, Wes-Pac Incorporated


"We have gotten more business from you since the time we switched than all the years with Thomas Net."

Susan Fischer, Wes-Pac Incorporated


“"The whole team at IQS has truly helped us to see how Thomas puts on a dog and pony show in front of a bunch of smoke and mirrors. Basically they only show you what they want you to see as far as leads and net traffic goes not to mention how much we work overpaying.

As I am new blood at Jefco I feel it was much easier for me to understand and realize this, as for my partners it took some time for them to understand and get them off the proverbial bandwagon. While in the end we do still hold a listing at Thomas(A simple listing) we did make a full switch over to IQS as our developer and SEO service.

We are happy with the change and look forward to working with IQS for years to come."

Matt Karden, Jefco Manufacturing


“We are nearly out of thomasnet, I appreciate what you guys are doing with the website and seo.”

Steve Martiak, Metal Associates


“Looks to me like you guys beat Thomas Register®.”

Mike Davidson, The New York Blower Co.


“IQS®'s combination of search result prominence within our particular category of relevant key words, ongoing programs to maintain high search rankings, and the offer of a paid position of prominence on the first page of their site was an effective answer to the high prices and competitive noise experienced in the Thomas Register®. Industrial Quick Search® still out-produces the Thomas Register® by 25%-50% for significantly less money.”

E.R. (Chip) Preston III, Spiral Brushes, Inc.


“You are producing the same number of visitors as Thomas, year to date, but have generated twice the conversions.”

Jon Gunderson, Advantage Engineering, Inc.


“Looking at the HitsLink report, we're getting greater than 50% more leads from than we are from Thomas Register®!”

Rick Pugel, Mydax, Inc.


“You guys do very well for us. I truly feel that IQS® is a better value than Thomas.”

Ray Fremont Jr., General Air Products, Inc.


“My single listing on IQS® has significantly outperformed the multiple listings we had with Thomasnet. Our proposed 2006 marketing budget has eliminated Thomasnet. In addition our ability to react quickly to the RFQ function has resulted in profitable incremental sales volume.”

Jeremy Foy, Technical Air Products, Inc.


“I have found IQS Directory as a much better return on investment than Thomasnet.”

Mark Oryszczak, Giant Finishing, Inc.


“I have found the listing in Industrial Quick Search® very beneficial. I have had more traffic from your site than many other paid submission sites and the cost from you was much less. Thank you very much for the increased business.”

Bob Thomas, Kinetic Die Casting, Inc.


“Our one IQS® listing is outperforming our entire Thomas Register® program at a fraction of the cost.”

Mike Dale, Stephenson & Lawyer, Inc.


“All Plastics and Fiberglass, after advertising many years with Thomas Register®, switched to Industrial Quick Search® and we have never regretted our decision. I am very happy with my results using this means of advertising and promoting All Plastics and Fiberglass, Inc.!”

Chris Bailey, All Plastics and Fiberglass, Inc.


“I paid a year in advance with Thomas and it was a ripoff. Not one lead. I recently got a nice customer from your site.”

Mark Tehler, Titan Products, Inc.


“I've been doing my research and it shows that is bringing more people to our site than GlobalSpec and Thomas combined.”

Renee Clark, United Equipment Accessories, Inc.


“You do much better than Thomasnet®* and GlobalSpec®**.”

David Dunn, American Industrial Company

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