Clippard DV Series Bidirectional High Flow Electronic Valves

June 24, 2014 - "New Product Release"

Clippard's Next Generation valve is compact, quick, and offers flows to 1001/min!


Clippard Minimatic® electronic valves are precision-built 2-way control valves, utilizing a unique, patented valving principle. The powerful DV- Series was designed as the next generation of the well-known and trusted original EV line of Clippard “Mouse” valves. With a cycle life of over a billion, a solid, compact design, and extremely high flow rates, these valves are suitable for many applications across numerous diverse industries. A variety of voltage, connector and mounting options are available.
•  High flow rates - up to 100 l/min
•  Industry standard for leak-free operation
•  Over 1,000,000,000 cycles!
•  Designed to accommodate large flows
   with more stroke
•  Low heat rise/low power
•  Robust stainless steel "Spider" flat spring

Medium:  Air or Compatible Gases (40 micron filter)
Air Flow:  Standard: 100 l/min @ 100 psig; "-L" Option: 100 l/min @ 50 psig
Power Consumption: 1.9 watts
Operating Range: 90 to 150% of rated voltage
Temperature Range:  32 to 180°F (0 to 82°C)
Mounting:  Manifold or Cartridge Style (inserts into a 3/4" bore)
Electrical Connection: Spade Terminals or Wire Leads
Ports:  #10-32 or M5 (on manifold mount valve)
Orifice: 0.052" or 0.070" (-L)*
Response: 10 to 15 milliseconds**
Voltage: 12 or 24 VDC
Wetted Material: Ultem, PPS, Stainless Steel***
Seal Material: Nitrile standard. Silicone, FKM and EPDM optional

*Additional orifice sizes available. Consult Clippard for special requirements.
**May vary depending on media. Consult Clippard for special requirements.
***Other materials available for special design/project requirements.


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Part No.
15490-5      Single-Station Manifold Mount
15492-1      Single-Station Cartridge Mount
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