Rösler USA - Tips to Optimize Your Surface Finishing Process – Tip #4

October 12, 2016 - "Industry Insight"

Rosler: Optimum Operating Conditions for Surface Finishing

Tip #4 – Optimum operating conditions

Once a mass finishing process has been established by the selection of machine, media and compound, the system must be constantly monitored and, of course, properly maintained. The good news is, this is quite easy! By following a few simple quality control rules, the process will remain absolutely stable, producing the desired finishing results for many years:

Correct settings of the separation system

This helps keeping the times for separating the media from the finished work pieces at a minimum.

Undersize media removal

Undersize media must be removed from the system, as it can cause media lodging in the work pieces, clog up the machine drains and impair the finishing results.

Timely media replenishment

The media is subject to constant wear. In aggressive applications the wear rate can be 5 – 10%. Therefore, regularly adding media in to the machine is essential for the stability of the process.

Maintaining the optimum level of media in the machine

Too much media in the machine causes additional costs by unnecessarily increasing the media consumption. Not enough media in the machine will result in a poorer finishing quality and can cause nicking of the work pieces.

The correct dosing of compound

Too much compound can cause foaming problems, which unnecessarily increases costs. Not enough compound will impair the finishing results, causing work pieces to come out dirty and reduces media performance.

The correct dosing of water

Too much water will dilute the cleaning effect of the compound. Not enough water will impair the finishing results, causing the work pieces to come out dirty and reduces media performance.

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