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October 26, 2020 - "Innovation "

Since 1980, Germany based VPT-Kompressoren GmbH has gained international recognition in developing individual engineering solutions for gas compression.  They specialize in the design, construction and installation of gas compressors along with the compression of air, gasoline vapors, landfill gas, sewage gas, natural and flare gas, benzene air mixtures, NH³, propane, butane as well as several other refrigerants.  VPT compressor systems strives to offer a high level of operating safety and efficiency in the systems that they supply.
With these priorities in mind, VPT researched Enerquip online, and reached out to them as an alternative to their local heat exchanger supplier in Germany who had extended delivery times on their shell and tube oil heaters and coolers.  This was keeping VPT from being able to deliver their systems on time.  After a few technical discussions, VPT sent Enerquip the process information and general arrangement sketches in order to get a competitive quote on their exchangers.
Since Enerquip likes to be able to guarantee the performance of the exchangers they sell, they ran simulation models for the oil heaters and coolers in their HTRI thermal modeling software, based on their customer’s process data.  Enerquip ran simulations for alternate designs, that were shorter and more compact, and more thermally efficient.  Several of these units were multi-pass units, some with a split shell design (BFU style) due to the close temperature approach.
Enerquip then provided a quotation and TEMA data sheets for the oil heaters and cooling exchangers based on the VPT drawings, and then another proposal and set of data sheets for the new designs. VPT was impressed with the engineering behind the new designs, and the amount of space they would save on their skidded systems.  They also appreciated the fact that they were going to be able to buy stainless steel heat exchangers for less than the carbon steel originals. Enerquip was also able to shorten the lead time by fifty percent.
Since their first project together, VPT and Enerquip have collaborated on 4 more sets of oil cooling and heating exchangers as well as several gas coolers.  Contact the helpful heat exchanger experts at Enerquip, to find out how you can save space, save money and save time on your next oil cooling or heating project.
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